Family Photographer, Rachel Cantong Photography Logo, A graphic of mountains and flowers
Family Photographer, Rachel Cantong Photography Logo, A graphic of mountains and flowers

About Me

Hi Friend! Thank you for visiting my page, I’m happy you’re here.I am Rachel, the face behind Rachel Cantong Photography. On most days you will find me with a strong cup of coffee in hand, while I wrangle my wild, beautiful children. I am happiest outdoors or cuddled up with my babes. I am also an adventurous soul, and I love trying new things. I spent my early adult years training and working as a Social Worker. In 2021, I began to really itch for a career change; I wanted to fuel my artistic fire again and be more intentional with my life. My business unfolded before my eyes and I can still hardly believe this is what I get to do every day. I have had a camera in hand for as long as I can remember. I have always drawn inspiration from the beauty of everyday moments; perhaps the joy on someone’s face, a dewdrop on a flower petal, or the light hitting just right. I bring that same vision to our sessions as I capture your uniqueness.

My lifestyle photography approach creates space for me to capture you as you are at this moment in time in all of the beauty and chaos. I am intentional with creating moments in my sessions that are authentic and honest. We exist in relation to other things–people, our environment–and that is how I photograph you. When I am out in nature myself or observing my children interact with their world, I am brought back to the simple joys in life and the importance of connection and presence. I look for those moments of curiosity, connection, and peace during our time together.

To me, photographs are not just a still image; they are memories, feelings, and even glimpses into our souls. I want to take photographs that make you feel something. I want them to evoke emotions of love and belonging, and fill you with nostalgia and connectedness. Of course I want to capture beautiful images that showcase your joy and love. And I also want to capture the breath of the human experience. I want our session to help slow time down and honor the stage you are in. My goal for our sessions is for you to have a good time and laugh. No really! I totally understand that preparing for a photoshoot is stressful (especially with children); I am here to help guide you from start to finish. Plus, I’m usually laughing and cracking silly jokes during our time together and that tends to rub off on people 🙂 I can’t wait to meet you and show you your beauty. With love, Rachel. I welcome all individuals and families. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

“Entering the present moment requires laying down perfection.”
-Joy Prouty